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Unsurprisingly, Cape Town is embracing the endless string of public holidays wholeheartedly. While I’ve worked on most of them, and torn my hair out at the half-days that  seem to precede each holiday, I’m enjoying the infectiously easy-going mood around town. Even Monkey is feeling it (below).

Wait a minute, I think ‘public holiday’ might actually be the natural state of a Siamese cat.


It’s not like she’ll turn up her nose at a dish of tuna, but look how our little Nanook has learned from her vegetarian human companions, tucking in to a yummy teapot full of fresh herbs.

(thanks for the herbs, Nikki, and apologies for the abuses they’re suffering).

Queen Nanook
What a life, eh?

My cat’s not the only family member to appear online these days. Check out my sister-in-law’s cool drawings, and Paul’s website too.

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