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I’ve supersized my Duikers cushions, and they’re now available to fit 60x60cm inners (that’s about 24″, Americans), which is not only a nice big cushion, but is also about the size of a real Duiker.

Find the supersized Duikers cushions in my Etsy shop, and if you’d like to shop in Rands, you’ll find them right here.


Quite some time ago, I was commissioned by the fashion council to make a pattern using coathangers to print on invitations they were sending out. I printed the pattern – called Hangups – onto a couple of fabric panels, which finally ended up as cute laundry bags, perfect for separating your cleans from your not-so-cleans when you’re travelling.

My Herds print is usually only available in red and in grey, but I’ve made a couple of panels of heavyweight blue cotton, printed with a very dark inky blue, and called them Herds in Moody Blue.

I don’t have many of either, but click here to find them in my Etsy shop, and here for my shop for SA shoppers only.

I’ve been wanting to do it for ages, and finally it’s done: My Orla design is available in a reversed-out version, and comes in three colours: fog, lemon and olive.

I have all three colours available for sale as cushion covers to fit 50 x 50cm inners. Find them in my Etsy shop, and in my South Africans Only shop too.

If you prefer to make up your own things, you can buy Solid Orla by the quarter metre or custom lengths too.

Psst: Check in again on Wednesday for a fabulous giveaway!

Thanks to my printers making a mistake with the screen (thanks, printers!), I now have my Leaves design in a reversed version too! Here they are in the autumn gold colourway.

To celebrate this happy bungle, I’ve got a Double Gold special offer: Click here to get one of  five paired sets of  50x50cm (19.5″) pillow covers at a $10.00 discount.

Have a lovely weekend.

I took product shots over the weekend, so now there are two new pillows in my Etsy shop. There’s Eep in cocoa, and Duikers in smoke grey.

Eep! is also in duck egg blue. Looks nice with the cocoa, I think.

In related news, I have to report that I’ve finally been worn down, and so my shop listings now no longer refer to “‘cushions”, and henceforth I’ll be calling them “‘pillows”. I’m putting more emphasis on inch measurements than centimetres now too. I’ve decided that as most of my customers are from the US, I should make the effort to speak y’all’s lingo just a bit. I’m afraid my dedication won’t extend to misspelling ‘colour’ though. We’ve all got our limits, right?

I have a new fabric! Made up into cushions! In my shop! It’s called Leaves, and comes in autumn gold and winter grey.

The original idea for this design came from a papercut called Botanical, which I made and sold at the very first DrawingRoom illustration show, all those years ago in 2006. I wonder who bought it?

Although I worked on Monday’s public holiday, it still made the weekend seem longer, so I took it easier than usual on Sunday and got some way closer to finishing my neverending stitching project.

Monkey helped a bit too.

I’ve just added a new colourway to my Cloud Birds print, and this one’s called ‘blackboard’. It’s just the colour of an oldfashioned school chalkboard.

So, top to bottom of the pile below, the colours go:BlackboardVerdigris , Blue Sky and Granny Smith. All four are now available for sale in my Etsy shop, either as yardage or as cushion covers.

After all my colour talk lately I couldn’t NOT do it: I saw this lovely Etsy treasury by EuphorbiaDesigns the other day and pondered the right name for the colour I was seeing, and then I saw it: it’s Verdigris.

Literally, it’s ‘green-grey’ and physically, it’s the name for the tarnish you get on oxidising copper. Beautiful. I couldn’t do nothing with this realisation, so I’ve decided to rename the Cloud Birds colourway previously known as ”seafoam’ , now dubbed ‘verdigris’.

Also, I just wanted to say thanks so very much to all the amazing Etsy folks who have been including my things in treasuries lately. It’s been an absolute avalanche, and I feel very lucky to have my shop catching your eyes so much. xx

I got out the scissors and sewing machine this Making Friday and had fun making this Button Bunny*, who is now looking for a home via my online shop.

*By the way, the Button Bunny is a decorative cushion, not a toy, and should definitely not be given to small children who might gnaw off the buttons and swallow them.

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