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Quite some time ago, I was commissioned by the fashion council to make a pattern using coathangers to print on invitations they were sending out. I printed the pattern – called Hangups – onto a couple of fabric panels, which finally ended up as cute laundry bags, perfect for separating your cleans from your not-so-cleans when you’re travelling.

My Herds print is usually only available in red and in grey, but I’ve made a couple of panels of heavyweight blue cotton, printed with a very dark inky blue, and called them Herds in Moody Blue.

I don’t have many of either, but click here to find them in my Etsy shop, and here for my shop for SA shoppers only.


I’m lucky to have loads of people including my work in their Etsy Treasuries, but I’d never tried putting one together until recently, when I joined an Etsy team called Omega. Now I’m totally hooked! I just put up my Fox, Bunny, Fox, Bunny Treasury, which I think is rather funny. I know which beast I’d be betting on.

As we all know, Etsy is vast and deep, and it’s often difficult to know how to find the cool stuff. I’m finding that Treasuries are a great way to hunt down something very specific to fit the gap in the Treasury you’re working on. I’ve discovered heaps of cool stuff over the last couple of weeks. Other treasuries I’ve made recently include Hello, Sailor, Dotty over Dots, and my first attempt was called Wild & Peaceful Triangles (below). Click through to them and comment, and maybe I’ll see my treasury on a front page one day soon!

Me and my body double have been doing some modelling for my new Flatware waist aprons.

Thing is, when you take your own product shots, there’s lots of rushing from behind the camera to the front, and you need to make sure that the camera focusses on where you’ll be in the pic. Of course, this is impossible, as you’re behind the camera when you push the button. Unless, of course, you have a body double in the form of a spindly wooden chair. Jeez, the lengths one goes to in order to sell an apron, eh?

Which brings me to the fact that Flatware aprons now available in Liquorice, Wasabi and Sage in my Etsy shop, and in my South African online shop too (with a promotional shipping special of R10 for this month only!) Hurry, hurry, while stocks last.

I just listed a couple of these linen smock dresses for 2-3 year olds for sale in my Etsy shop. Check them out here.

While I’m not crazy about having to sit with a fan trained on me, warding off the sweltering heat, I’ve got to feel for all those poor Northern Hemisphere souls who have been so cold, snowy and damp for so long. Poor you.

But there’s good news! All the little plants and buds are gamely pushing their way upwards and will soon spring up, all fresh and new again. To celebrate Springtime, I have done a limited run of a new tea towel design. It’s called Sprouts.

Find Sprouts for sale in my Etsy shop, in both Sap and in Blackboard.

NB: Due to general inflation and wierd currency fluctuations, prices of everything in my online shop have no choice but to rise. This will happen on 1 February, so shop now, while it’s cheap!

It may seem that I have endless new products up my sleeve, but actually, I’ve had my Pincushions design lurking prettily in the background for a while, and it’s only now in the last minute before the the clock strikes Christmas that I’ve turned it into napkins and runners.

I’ve printed the Pincushions in charcoal and in old gold too, and they’re available as napkins and as table runners in my Etsy shop. Locals, you’ll find them in my retail space in Greenpoint (click here for a map), and at in Kloof St too.

The 11th hour is when I always do my Christmas shopping, and with my Time2Shop coupon code sale continuing until Saturday 11 December, I hope  you do too.

Been reading this blog for a while and occasionally wondered what my voice sounds like? Well, here’s your opportunity to hear me wittering away while a video camera pokes around in my home and studio, on this Etsy Handmade Portraits video that the fab Ashka Wierzycka made for The Storque blog while she was out here in August.

It was really fantastic to work with Ashka. I learned so much just watching her take footage over a couple of days, and I’m really delighted with what she’s put together in this little 3-minute portrait. Thanks to the Etsy team for sending her to visit me!

About two Making Fridays ago, I made a little birdie cutout that, despite being only October, was distinctively Christmassy, so I availed myself of the wonders of Illustrator vector files and my friendly lasercutting contact, and had some darling little gift tags cut from patternmaking card.

I’m selling these little guys in sets of 10 in my Etsy shop (click here), and locals will find them for sale at the Open Studio on 13 November, at my showroom on 24 November, and at various other spots too. Sign up for my newsletter to find out more about these events.

Thanks to my printers making a mistake with the screen (thanks, printers!), I now have my Leaves design in a reversed version too! Here they are in the autumn gold colourway.

To celebrate this happy bungle, I’ve got a Double Gold special offer: Click here to get one of  five paired sets of  50x50cm (19.5″) pillow covers at a $10.00 discount.

Have a lovely weekend.

I’m quite overwhelmed by the number of Etsy Treasuries that have included my things lately. Big thanks to you all. Without exception, they have all been really carefully and beautifully put together, and I just grabbed a few from the bunch to share here. I can see it’s time for me to start making Treasuries – I’m completely intrigued by the whole notion.

Sunday Favourites treasury, put together by Magalarie

Strawberry Ice Cream, curated by iomiss

One Blue & Creamy Enchanted Morning, put together by Katherynmd (whose other treasuries betray a rather quirky eye)

Lovely brown hues in She’s Beautiful, She’s Nature by TropicalGarden

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