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Ever since we returned from NYC in June last year, Paul‘s been hard at work preparing for his show Tone, opening this Thursday at the newly re-dubbed Stevenson Gallery (previously Michael Stevenson).

I never use that word ‘humbling’, as I’m not really sure what people mean by it, but I kind of feel like using it when I describe my husband’s work and his work process, because it’s amazing to me that this normal bloke I live with has these vast capacities at his disposal that I don’t really understand at all. Whereas I find my a great deal of my motivation in all the encouragement I get from my blog, shops, and the general healthy state of my business, Paul is one of those rare humans who is able to simply work because that is what he does. It’s not about deadlines or expectations or financial reward, but just about the work. And the work is beautiful.

I never say ‘respect’ either, but I’m saying it now.

Pitch – linocut

For Tone, Paul’s been working with the idea of music elements and relationships, and this is what he says about it:

“From elements which are often non-narrative, mostly repetitive and largely abstract, we extract or assemble meaningful experience. In a series of pencil drawings, a linocut and two sculptures, using only line and its sculptural analogue, edge, I explore visual and metaphorical correspondents for music and sound, and their constituent parts.
Like music, the works reward and thwart expectations, as overlaid lines and stacked edges produce tone, timbre, volume and contrast. The works and their various elements evince attack and decay, echo and reverberation, harmony and dissonance.”

Working within this framework, he’s produced three series of intensely time-consuming and carefully-made pencil drawings, called Tone, Pitch and Field, as well as a large format linocut (above) and two sculptures. See all the work at the Stevenson website.

From the Tone series

From the Pitch series


From the Field series

Visit Paul Edmunds’ website to see more of his work, and the Stevenson website for more about this show.


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